About Us

Online Summer Fair

I’m Polly, owner of Three Boys Rock but also a huge fan of independent businesses. It’s easy to underestimate the passion and drive it takes to commit to a business idea and go out there and make it happen.  It’s also easy to underestimate how much it means to us when you lovely customers choose us over a big national brand.

During my years travelling the length and breadth of the UK to “actual” fairs I have met some of the most inspiring and amazing people, each with their own story about why they set up on their own.

Pre-Covid19 I had already started work on the OnlineChristmasFair project, looking at a way to complement the real fairs we do while potentially helping us indies find more online sales (loading and unloading the car daily at 5am is back breaking, I assure you!).

I’ve had some fantastic help over the past 14 months.  There have been slightly panicking phone calls, requests for help with text and copy, flyer design… I think I’ve been a bit of a pest.  So THANK YOU to Lucinda, Claire, Pippa, Fiona, Kath, Sarah and all the other amazing OSF members. I couldn’t have done it without your sound and honest advice.

I must also give a BIG SHOUT OUT to my husband and two boys (my three boys – who rock!) who have been outstandingly patient and have prepared meals, cleaned up and generally got on with things while I’ve been laptop-bound!

This is our third fair in the past 12 months and we can’t thank you all enough for your incredible support.

Happy shopping