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In 2003 speaking no Spanish at all we headed off to Andalucia with our three children and the intention of building a house, learning the language and immersing ourselves in local Spanish life.

It was a huge challenge but well worth it. Having begun to get to grips with the language we bought 30 acres of land with a large cow barn and, incredibly luckily, very quickly got planning permission to build a beautiful home.

With a number of olive trees on our land we started to pick the crop each year and take them to the local ‘cooperativa del pueblo’ to be pressed along with the olive harvest from Miguel, Paco, Ana and all the other locals (some of whom still bring the ripe fruit from their fincas to the village by mule!). At the cooperativa Rafael and his team press the olives to create a delicious extra virgin olive oil which is shared amongst the locals and now enjoyed by others further afield.   

In 2016, after twelve years of great fun for ourselves and so many others, we decided to sell the house. Happily our link with Casarabonela carries on through Fino which sells the delicious olive oil produced in the village where we had such happy times.

Whether you’re trying Fino for the first time, or are one of our many loyal customers, I hope Fino brings a sense of Andalucian adventure to your kitchen table.

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Selected Products

2.5 Litre Tin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This delicious smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from a blend of olives grown in and around the village of Casarabonela in southern Spain where they are ripened by endless long days of sunshine. Great for adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your cooking - a must have in the kitchen


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Aged Dark Balsamic - 250ml

Once tasted you will understand why this Fino Dark Balsamic (Crema) is a 3 star Great Taste Award winner. Aged in oak barrels for 25 years it is amazingly thick and sweet. Perfect mixed with Fino Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dipping, or to add deliciousness to your salads


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White Balsamic - 250ml

This 2 star Great Taste Award winning Andalucian gem has zing and sweetness - mixed with Fino Extra Virgin Olive Oil it will make your salads very special


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Chilli Jam

For any chilli lover this is a kitchen essential - a really versatile accompaniment which adds a kick to any dish - great with meats, fish or veggies, and particularly good with cheese


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Chorizo Jam

If you like chorizo this will make your mouth water. A recipe shared by great friends, this delicious salty but sweet meaty chutney is fab with white fish, pasta or veggies (perfect with a baked potato), and is sensational with cheese


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Chilli Oil - 500ml

If you like spice this is for you - a delicious chilli infused extra virgin olive oil - great in soups, salads and sauces, fab for dipping, but ultimately just perfect for adding a kick to any dish.


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Dark Balsamic & Olive Oil Gift Box

A perfect gift for any foodie - delicious Spanish extra virgin olive oil, fantastic 3 star great taste award winning aged balsamic and two chrome pourers - all packaged in a Fino gift box - a treat for everyone.


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Arrope & Chilli Oil Gift Box

A sensational dipping combination perfect for any foodie - chilli oil and sweet grape syrup along with two chrome pourers - also perfect for spicing up your salads - this is a true family favourite.


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Chilli Lovers Gift Box

For anyone who loves chilli this is the perfect gift - a bottle of pokey chilli olive oil (with chrome pourer) and a jar of sensational Fino chilli jam - spice up your life!


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

Great for you or as a pressie this delicious smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a must have in the kitchen. Produced from olives grown in and around the whitewashed village of Casarabonela in southern Spain where they are ripened by endless long days of sunshine, it is perfect for adding a touch of Mediterranean to your cooking


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