Iona Buchanan

Iona Buchanan makes beautiful and practical homewares, kitchenware, stationery and prints for home lovers everywhere who like useful things to be beautiful – and vice versa.

All of our products are based on original watercolours by Iona – a botanical artist and illustrator by training who style is characterised by careful observation of the natural world.  Living in rural Scotland, she gets most of her ideas by looking out of the window and has grown a wildflower meadow at home to inspire her.

All of our products are made in the UK (not the Far East) and none of them include plastic.

Telephone: 01360 860121

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Selected Products

Bread Warmer

There is something a little special about sitting down to a meal with a warm roll just out of the oven - which is why we came up with our award winning Bread Warmers. They keep bread & rolls oven warm at your table while friends and family assemble. There are four beautiful designs to choose from featuring foraged wild flowers; sea birds; hares & dandelions; and penguins


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Aga covers

The ideal way to protect your AGA lids - the soft towelling base prevents scratches to the chrome domes while the beautiful designs enhance its looks. They are sized to fit neatly on an Aga lid and come with a handy loop. There are 12 designs to choose from.


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Oven gloves

Double oven gloves in six beautiful designs, all with a thick towelling back and a steam proof lining.


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Lobster platter

A stunning fine china oval serving dish featuring a fabulous image of a blue lobster based on an original watercolour by Iona. A dramatic statement piece, it is a generous 14"/35cm wide, large enough to accommodate plenty of little eats at party time, but small enough to be manageable. It is oven safe, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


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Dancing penguin mug

A dancing penguin in a pink tutu on a fine bone china mug – who could resist? Gentoo penguins don't normally wear tutus, but this Gentoo was so full of joy, that I couldn't resist the temptation. The mug comes in two sizes, a Double Espresso for an intense cup of coffee and a Quite Big mug for a proper cuppa.


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Tote bag

A generous tote bag featuring beautifully observed illustrations of wildflowers, that are also edible and delicious. Ideal for shopping trips and days out, it is 100% cotton, 43cm wide (about 17 inches) and 32cm (just over 12 inches) deep with strong natural canvas handles.


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Funny cartoon greeting cards

Silly but wonderful puns on greeting cards you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect for art lovers and dog lovers.


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Hare portrait cushion

A wonderful double-sided cushion featuring an enchanting 'portrait' of Patti O'Hare (so called because she comes to our patio) on one side and a lovely hare and dandelion pattern on the other. 100% cotton with a feather filled pad, it is 46cm square.


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Penguin Parade Giclee print

A parade of penguins - Gentoo, Magellanic and Kings – on a signed, fine art Giclee print. Whether they appear affectionate, earnest or existed, they are never less than endearing. Size to external edge of mount: 420mm x 180mm


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Boxing hares mug

A pair of ‘boxing’ hares on a fine bone china mug seen on a wonderful spring day. We are privileged to have hares in our garden and watching them 'box' is one of the joys of spring. 84mm high x 75mm diameter.


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Foraging Apron

A lovely apron featuring elegant botanical illustrations on a classic green background. The initiated will also know that the illustrations are all of edible wild plants common in the UK and popular with foragers. 100% cotton with adjustable neck tie and generous pocket.


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Tulip Giclee print

An artist quality Giclee print of the stunning ‘Queen of Night’ tulip. There is a matching print of the parrot tulip ‘Texas Flame’. Both are available in 2 sizes and are supplied with a mount or framed.


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