Supporting young entrepreneurs

Behind the scenes support to our small business members is a key component of the Online Summer Fair.
We offer behind the scenes tutorials and support for our members and are truly encouraging, available by phone 24/7 for any queries or assistance with things like Facebook shop etc!
Our 2021 Online Summer Fair is launching this Friday and we are excited to be introducing a *NEW* category for “EMERGING TALENT”  – a dedicated listing for young entrepreneurs. With jobs hard to find this enterprising lot are setting out on their own journey….  We are waiving our normal membership fee for this category and the fair is covering the cost of listing, marketing, tutoring and supporting this fantastic bunch.
This is an area we are looking to develop significantly over the next few months in time for our 2020 Christmas Fair.
A truly talented bunch – we look forward to giving you a proper introduction to them all when the fair launches this Friday (14th May)
Polly x
(Founder, Online Summer Fair and Online Christmas Fair)